About the Clinic
Even the most complex heart disease – not a sentence!

The idea of a European most modern cardiac center was realized in Kyiv City Heart Center in 2007. For the first time in Ukraine under the roof of one clinic experts in the field of prevention of diseases and heart diseases, diagnosis, therapy, surgery, anesthesiology and rehabilitation were brought together . Thanks to the significant concentration of clinical experience at the Kyiv Heart Center were now become possible to treat heart defects in newborns, treatment of angina and hypertension, as well as the successful procedures of most sophisticated surgeries (coronary artery stenting, cardiac bypass, prosthetic valves, minimally invasive cardiac surgery and heart transplantation).

Built and equipped up to international standards
Heart Center is the jewel of Ukrainian healthcare, and Kyiv’s pride!

Heart Center is designed to become most modern technical and medical procedures. Quality high-tech equipment allows full range of diagnosis and treatment of the most complex congenital heart and blood vessels by coronary angiography, scintigraphy and computed tomography. With the latest ultrasound machines with different operations (heart bypass surgery, prosthetic valves) Heart Center specialists cure complex heart disease. The five modern surgery rooms and four laboratories angiography performed annually up to 5000 complex procedures, each of which addresses the congenital or acquired heart disease, coronary artery bypass surgery to perform heart and coronary artery stenting.

Bright and friendly – both outside and inside. The first impression that makes Heart Center – lots of light, the plentitude of glass, openness, warmth and security. Located away from the big and bustling streets, but it has convenient parking and transport interchange.

Heart Center is located in the park area. Pine forest, paths and benches, green lawns with flowers are part of therapy for patients. Crown of pine forests create a sense of safety and harmony with nature. The large space of the hospital and comfort are there to create high-quality stay at the clinic.

Heart Center has comfortable rooms with phones and telecommunications options, bulletin boards for patients and visitors. Friendly cafe staff is always there at your service.

All the technological and medical care idea of the Heart Center is subject to the same goal – to give our patients a totally new quality life!


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