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Irina Aksyonova
Head of department
+380 (44) 291 61 19
Irina Aksyonova


One of the key structural divisions of Heart Center is pediatric department: cardio surgical department of congenital heart diseases. It differs significantly from regular stereotypes of treatment institutions and positively impresses its patients and other visitors. All conditions are met here for quality work of personnel and comfortable stay of children and their parents. Gaming hall, which is continuously observed by the medical staff, is never been empty.

Children get lots of positive emotions here, which help them to look aside from treatment manipulations and medical gowns. It definitely causes speedy recovery of little patients.

Processes in cardio surgical department of congenital heart diseases are organized as per best practices from leading world’s clinics. Due to optimal organization of qualified workforce and availability of modern equipment we achieved high results in such a complex surgical area.

All kinds of surgical operations are being made in the department of congenital heart diseases for patients of different ages, including newborn babies and premature infants.


Pediatric department contains 20 stationary beds, which are located in cubicles and two-bed wards. Wards are equipped with oxygen and monitors. There is around-the-clock monitoring station in the nurse post, which gives her a possibility to continuously control main patients’ parameters (arterial pressure, cardiogram, heart rate etc). “Nurse terminal” helps to maintain communication with every patient. All wards are equipped with emergency call buttons.

These buttons have convenient locations in order for a call to be made from different places within the ward. Throughput of our department is around 500 operations per year.

Main work directions of pediatric department are

The key principle of our department is individual approach to every patient. Twice a week there are regular meetings for clinical cases analysis. Not only experts from Heart Center, but also other consultants of different specialities are involved in those meetings in order to define optimal treatment tactics for certain patient.




Olena Dudko

Head of Pediatric Clinic+380 (44) 291 61 58

You will receive qualified consultation in regards to congenital heart diseases in the cardiac policlinik of Kiev Heart Center. Your child will be fully examined with the help of modern equipment.









There is ultrasound prenatal diagnosis in our department.

Experienced specialists will make fetus examination for early detection of congenital heart diseases.





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