Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

КриштофYevgeniy Krishtof
Head of department
+380 (44) 291 59 83

reanimaciya_06112009754The Unit Is equipped with up-to-date and highly technological hardware, which allows to provide full monitoring, rapid laboratory diagnosis and quality treatment. Breathing apparatus Servo Infant Maquet makes possible to conduct mechanical lungs ventilation (искусственная вентиляция легких – проверить) for premature infants and adults. All these apparatus have auto-heating systems and breathing gas humidification. Observation equipment contains modern PHILIPS displays, which gives capability to control all patients’ vital parameters and detect every single change in their state.

Infants lie in closed incubators after endovascular intervention. Built-in heating system helps to create optimal microclimate for every child. There are WARM AIR heating systems for babies with defective termoregulation.

Congenital heart diseases belong to most complex diseases. Therefore our patients require maximum attention. We try to organize the processes based on “One child – one nurse” principle. Highly qualified doctors and diligent nurses work in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.


Parents can visit their children and regularly obtain information regarding their state. Parents involvement in child care process accelerates recovery after operation and improve mothers and baby psychological health. There is also separate ward for joint stay of mother and child in the unit during reabilitation process.

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